Welcome to Jack Sailing. My name is Daryl Geary and I love sailing.


I sail an RS400 (698) at club level and have found new 'one design' sails too expensive to buy regularly. For years, I have managed with alternative, old, or second hand sails.


Initially, this did me just fine. I was learning to sail the boat and there were lots of things I had to master before the quality of the sail made any difference to my performance! However, eventually, my new crew, Rachel (now my wife!) and I found we were sailing quite well. We consistently made it round the course without capsizing but the old sails were holding us back. What we needed was a new spinnaker.


Ever the optimist, Rachel (who considers herself a bit of a seamstress) decided we should make one. We did the research, found suppliers, ordered materials, began to make templates and then realised we either had to get rid of the sofa or get a bigger house! (mind you I never did like that sofa...)


That idea was shelved for a while whilst Rachel got on with making bridesmaid dresses and the metres and metres of ripstop nylon were stored in the loft and we added LDC vouchers to the wedding list instead...


Nevertheless, the idea stayed with us. Finally I realised that the only flaw in our plan was that we didn't really know how to make sails, but as it happens I knew a man who did.


And that’s how Jack Sailing was born.


It had taken a while and we had gone round the course the wrong way a few times but it looked like we were back on track. Jack Sailing was finally going to be able to provide high performance sails at an affordable price.


Sailing clubs, sailing competitors, and everyone who enjoys being on the water, can go sailing with Jack Sails and keep their expensive 'one design sails' for 'class association sailing'.


See you on the water...


Daryl Geary

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Jack Sailing. See you on the water...