By Jack Sailing, May 23 2017 05:02PM

Too windy for us on the Saturday, with survival conditions of 28 knt. Happier on the Sunday with a great sail with 10 to 15. Shame the asymmetric's didn't have a windward leeward course, as out performed on the triangles.

Thanks Paignton Sailing Club ☺️ for all your hard work to put the event on!

See you next season ...

By Jack Sailing, Jul 14 2016 01:46PM

For fast and easy searching we have just added Kingfisher Evo Performance ropes to our Jack Sailing on-line shop.

For halyards and control lines, Kingfisher Evolution Performance 3mm and 4mm has now been indexed for RS 100 ropes, RS 200 ropes and RS 300 ropes.

Evolution Performance rope has a low stretch polyester core with a hard wearing 16 plait polyester cover. It is ideal for control lines, sheets and halyards on dinghies and small sailboats.

Kingfisher Evolution Performance Rope
Kingfisher Evolution Performance Rope

By Jack Sailing, Jul 7 2016 03:49PM

For fast and easy searching for RS Feva boats, Kingfisher Evolution Performance has been added to the Jack Sailing on-line shop.

Kingfisher Evo Performance Ropes
Kingfisher Evo Performance Ropes

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Kingfisher Evo Performance in 3mm and 4mm has been added to the RS Feva ropes section of the Jack Sailing on-line shop.

By Jack Sailing, Oct 27 2015 11:58AM

Kingfisher Maffioli® Superswift 6.5mm ropes have just been added to the Jack Sailing website.

Because of customer demand, Kingfisher Maffioli® Superswift 6.5mm rope in black, has been added to the Jack Sailing on-line shop.

Maffioli® Superswift is a combination of compact braid SK75 and swiftcord, it has a compact 75 Dyneema® core and a swiftcord cover and it's ideal for sheets that need to be tapered. It has high abrasion resistance and good grip from the cover and high strength from the core.

By Jack Sailing, Oct 20 2015 02:52PM

Kingfisher 8mm braid on braid ropes have just been added to the Jack Sailing website.

The very popular melange black, melange blue, melange silver and melange red colours are now available from theJack Sailing on-line shop.

Kingfisher braid on braid rope is ideal for cruising or racing. It's good on the hands and easy to splice. It's ideal for sheets, halyards and control lines. Braid on braid has a low stretch braided polyester core with an abrasion resistant braided cover.


By Jack Sailing, Sep 10 2015 05:36PM

We feel very lucky to be able to sail in Torbay. Torbay is a beautiful place to sail, its waters are protected on three sides, and we generally have flat waters to race on. Torbay’s prevailing winds are south westerlies but, as a bonus, we’re also able to get out and sail on big rolling easterlies to practise our surfing! We have really easy access to the water with a convenient protected slipway, passage to the open sea, and we have fresh water to wash our boats off after racing.

We currently have RS400 and RS200 dinghies racing at the Royal Torbay Yacht Club. The RS200 dinghy fleet is growing and the club has decided that the RS200 is the best natural progressive dinghy for the RS Feva class, and for cadet juniors to move up from. With the R.T.Y.C’s very strong junior dinghy fleet, its future is looking very rosy!

In addition to the RS400 and the RS200 dinghies, we also have a wonderful array of sailing craft that regularly join in and partake in PY Dinghy racing, which we all actively encourage.

If your already a sailor or would like to give sailing a go, just pop down to Torquay harbour and say hello.

Sailing is a fantastic sport, and Torbay is a fantastic place to sail!

By Jack Sailing, Aug 13 2015 01:38PM

Kingfisher Evolution Lite Race SK75 with Dyneema® has just been added to Jack Sailing's on-line shop.

Kingfisher Evolution Lite Race is an extremely lightweight rope with a 100% Dyneema@ SK75 core. Evo lite race with its Dyneema® / multi-filament polyprop malenge cover, is abrasion resistant, very strong & flexable, which is ideal for sheet use.

By Jack Sailing, Mar 26 2015 12:41PM

For fast and easy searching, Kingfisher Evo Race SK78 3mm, 4mm & 5mm Evolution Race rope has been indexed for RS dinghy sailing boat fleets, on Jack Sailing’s website.


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