By Jack Sailing, Apr 11 2017 10:59AM

During the months of April & May Jack Sailing is offering a 5% discount on all Kingfisher Ropes.

To obtain your 5% discount, just select the ropes you want and enter this promo code: kingfisher2017 in the checkout section of the shop.

If you can't find the Kingfisher Rope your looking for please contact us and we'll sort it out for you.

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By Jack Sailing, Aug 13 2015 01:38PM

Kingfisher Evolution Lite Race SK75 with Dyneema® has just been added to Jack Sailing's on-line shop.

Kingfisher Evolution Lite Race is an extremely lightweight rope with a 100% Dyneema@ SK75 core. Evo lite race with its Dyneema® / multi-filament polyprop malenge cover, is abrasion resistant, very strong & flexable, which is ideal for sheet use.

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