By Jack Sailing, Apr 11 2017 10:59AM

During the months of April & May Jack Sailing is offering a 5% discount on all Kingfisher Ropes.

To obtain your 5% discount, just select the ropes you want and enter this promo code: kingfisher2017 in the checkout section of the shop.

If you can't find the Kingfisher Rope your looking for please contact us and we'll sort it out for you.

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By Jack Sailing, Oct 29 2015 03:18PM

In 2004 a good sailing friend, Mickey Schwartz bought the local yacht rigging company Bay Rigging. Mickey knew my passion was sailing, I was at a loose end, so he took me on as trainee yacht rigger. Bay Rigging trades from Dartside Quay on the river Dart in Galmpton and services all the local marina’s including Noss, Dartmouth, Brixham and Torquay.

Mickey, a South African, grew up working with boats. His first business at the age 15 was called ‘Barnacle Busters’. There, in the warm waters of Durban, he would dive under boats and scrape the barnacles of the bottom. To date Mickey has over 250,000 sea miles under his belt, most of which were racing miles. His knowledge of yachts and yacht racing is extensive.

By Jack Sailing, Oct 27 2015 11:58AM

Kingfisher Maffioli® Superswift 6.5mm ropes have just been added to the Jack Sailing website.

Because of customer demand, Kingfisher Maffioli® Superswift 6.5mm rope in black, has been added to the Jack Sailing on-line shop.

Maffioli® Superswift is a combination of compact braid SK75 and swiftcord, it has a compact 75 Dyneema® core and a swiftcord cover and it's ideal for sheets that need to be tapered. It has high abrasion resistance and good grip from the cover and high strength from the core.

By Jack Sailing, Aug 13 2015 01:38PM

Kingfisher Evolution Lite Race SK75 with Dyneema® has just been added to Jack Sailing's on-line shop.

Kingfisher Evolution Lite Race is an extremely lightweight rope with a 100% Dyneema@ SK75 core. Evo lite race with its Dyneema® / multi-filament polyprop malenge cover, is abrasion resistant, very strong & flexable, which is ideal for sheet use.

By Jack Sailing, Feb 12 2015 05:03PM

Jack Sailing has just added Kingfisher a range of 4mm SK78 Compact Braid - Gottifredi Maffioli® - Dyneema®, to its dinghy rope range.

Kingfisher Compact braid is low stretch, 12 strand coated Dyneema® rope that is strong and easy to splice.

4mm Compact braid is ideal for halyards, control lines and trapeze lines.

By Jack Sailing, Feb 12 2015 04:54PM

Jack Sailing has just added Kingfisher dinghy ropes. The 3mm SK78 Compact Braid - Gottifredi Maffioli® - Dyneema® has been added to its dinghy rope range.

Daryl Geary, founder of Jack Sailing. He said:-

"Kingfisher supplies a great choice of dinghy rope and we're really happy to be able to offer it to our customers."

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