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In 2004 a good sailing friend, Mickey Schwartz bought the local yacht rigging company Bay Rigging. Mickey knew my passion was sailing, I was at a loose end, so he took me on as trainee yacht rigger. Bay Rigging trades from Dartside Quay on the river Dart in Galmpton and services all the local marina’s including Noss, Dartmouth, Brixham and Torquay.

Mickey, a South African, grew up working with boats. His first business at the age 15 was called ‘Barnacle Busters’. There, in the warm waters of Durban, he would dive under boats and scrape the barnacles of the bottom. To date Mickey has over 250,000 sea miles under his belt, most of which were racing miles. His knowledge of yachts and yacht racing is extensive.

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For the following five years amongst other boats I was very fortunate to crew a Melges24. To this day I believe this to be the most exciting boat I have sailed, (apart from my RS400 of course). Sailing with different Helms & Crews gave me the experience I have today and I thank all those people for that.

I would like to thank Steve Williams from The Royal Torbay Yacht Club for teaching me what all the ropes did. I remember Steve telling me to dump the kite halyard. He didn't mean let it go! You can imagine what happened next. I hadn't done that job before! He taught me to fly the kite. 'You are the engine', 'you are the power' he used to say, again & again & again. I was NEVER allowed to take my eyes of it!!!

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I first experienced sailing at the age of 10 as a boy growing up in Torquay. We would spend most of our days down the harbour. Me & my mate Toby used to ask people if we 'can have a go on your boat mate'. This got us into all sort of scrapes which has left us with strong memories, near death experiences, basic sea survival instincts and the knowledge of the awesome fun you can have on the water.

Daryl & Rachel Geary. Proprietors of Jack Sailing
Daryl & Rachel Geary. Proprietors of Jack Sailing

One particular trip we got a ride on a 22 foot power boat. The Londoners, had 'picked it up on the way down' (we found out later). We set off to Paignton on a beautiful flat calm summer’s day. To our surprise the owner deliberately ran the boat up the beach. This was all in the plan, as they had ordered a surface riding prop from the local Mercury dealer in Preston earlier. There and then the owner fitted the prop on the beach.

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