By Jack Sailing, Mar 19 2019 10:55AM

Hi, an update on SQ progress. It's been a steep learning curve with getting the code written. Happy to report that we have a beta version on our server. We are talking with further expertise to iron out sticking points and add improved functionality ... - go sailing, learn to sail, manage events, and find new crew. #gosailing #sailquest @sailquest

By Jack Sailing, Jan 21 2016 02:55PM

Jack Sailing's sailing club database has achieved its goals & surpassed all expectations. To build on this success, and to get more new sailors into our clubs and onto the water, we are developing a new website application called is a very powerful resource tool, that simply links sailing club events to boat owners, but most importantly to inform crew that free spaces are available on boats. - finds new members, finds new crew, and gets new sailors on the wat!

Sailing is a very important part of our lives. Sailing is a full body workout and it's great to be part of the sailing community. We love sailing and want more people to be able to get on the water and enjoy this fantastic pastime.

For more information follow this link Go Sailing

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