Jack Sails are hand made in England.


Jack Sailing is proud to be promoting good old fashioned British manufacturing.


We believe this has numerous benefits.


Firstly, we can watch them being made – we know the people who make them and we can be completely rest assured that everything they make will be of the highest quality and exactly according to spec.


Secondly, it means that if you have any problems or need repairs our team are right there when and  where you need them.


Thirdly, because our transport costs are low we are not as exposed as other to the ravages of world markets and spiralling oil cost – and our carbon foot print is low.


And finally it means we get to help each other. At Jack we don't want to dominate the world or make enough money to become non doms. We are all about looking out for each other, and making sure we can all afford to stay afloat...  

made in england

Performance Racing Sails and Ropes


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Jack Sailing. See you on the water...